College or University Degrees and The Top Reasons to Get One

From the first day you enter high school you’re inundated with information from parents, teachers and guidance councilors about the benefits of obtaining a college degree. Since earning a degree from a college or university is easier and easier these days more students are listening to this information.

Have you contemplated if these influential people were right in regards to the ultimate outcome of a college degree? If you have considered they may be right you should read on and find out for yourself.

The first and generally most important reason people obtain a college or university diploma is because they would like to earn more money for themselves and their family. It is common knowledge that with just an associates degree you can earn 25% more income than without one. With just a bit more effort those numbers can continue to increase as you add a second, third or bachelors degree to your resume. The reason you can earn more is because you generally have more up to date information on the field you’ve received your degree and have proven you’re capable of focusing and driving long enough to obtain the degree and achieve the goal. It also is another mark on your personal list that separates you from other non-degree holding applicants.

The second benefit of obtaining a college degree is the increased number of employment or job opportunities available to those who already have a degree. Many employers use a college degree as a means to weed out applicants without interviewing them. If they make the requirement of a degree for the position they’re able to eliminate at least 20% of the applicants. By having even an associates degree you’ll increase the available careers you’re eligible for; by having a bachelors degree you’ll increase it more and a masters degree will set you well above the group of other applicants. If an employer has a choice of two equally experience based potential employees and one has a higher degree this will carry weight with the employer.

The greater level of a degree you obtain will increase the benefits you’ll receive. Due to the fact that many employers require a degree you may need to receive a higher degree level to set you apart from the other candidates. Having a bachelors degree when an associates is required, a masters degree when a bachelors is required or a doctorate degree when a masters is required will set you apart from the other candidates and provide you with the edge necessary to get a job. Having a higher level of degree is a statement to potential employers that you have a greater knowledge of the details surrounding your field of study.

Due to the fact that you have greater knowledge in your field of study you’ll be able to make more meaningful decisions and benefit your employer. This means you’ll have greater opportunity to earn bonuses, raises and benefits – not to mention starting out at a higher salary. Due to the fact that you have been taught by professionals and those with great experience you’ve gleaned information that people without a degree don’t have. This will provide you with the ability to earn and benefit the company you work for more than your competitors. Your superiors and bosses will want you to provide them with success in exchange for providing you with promotions, raises and bonuses. To give them this you’ll need to have all the information and strategy available which may be obtained through a degree. Basically, having a degree makes you more valuable to an employer; which makes you able to earn more money.

The most important aspect of finding a job is obtaining it in a career that you are truly interested in and love. If you do so you’ll be happy no matter what income you’re earning. With a degree you’ll be able to focus on the type of career you love due to the fact that you’ve already learned so much about that field that you won’t chose to pursue the career if you don’t already love the degree (hopefully). If you’re happy with your career you’ll perform better and be a more substantial asset to your company. Additionally, by bettering yourself through a degree you’ll be more confident and feel more fulfilled in your life and field. Although people can take away your money, home, friends, family or any asset they cannot take away your knowledge and experience. Therefore a degree is the most secure investment you can make in life. Get yours today!


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