Start An Exciting New Career With An Online Paralegal Degree

Getting an online paralegal degree can get you started on the path to very fulfilling career in the legal field. In most law offices, attorneys handle the obvious duties they are charged with, namely counseling clients and case presentation or litigation. Paralegals or legal assistants are often charged with assisting attorneys in fact finding, case research, organization, and preparation of legal documents. An online paralegal degree can open many doors into this exciting and rewarding field.

There are both online paralegal degree programs as well as certification programs. Which is best for you is dependent upon current levels of education and ultimately where you want to put your knowledge to use.

An Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies is typically a two year program and would be suited to a recent High School graduate looking for a career path in the legal field. Associates Degrees usually concentrate on general education classes and legal studies in order to fulfill requirements for conferance of the degree. Just over a third of working paralegals hold an Associates Degree.

A Bachelors Degree in Paralegal Studies can be a bit more difficult to find but with the proliferation of Online College Degrees available, an Online Paralegal Degree at the Bachelors level is offered by some schools. Often, schools who do not offer the Degree in Paralegal Studies will offer a minor emphasis in paralegal studies along with related majors. For instance, earning a Criminal Justice Degree Online with a minor in Paralegal Studies is quite possible depending on the particular school. The state and national associations for legal assistants and paralegals has recommended the Bachelors Degree level of education as a minimum for new entrants in the field.

A Masters Degree in Paralegal Studies is definitely a plus when it comes to employment or career advancement and there are some choices to be made when looking at a Masters Degree program. It is quite possible to earn a Masters in Paralegal Studies but also popular are a Masters in Law or Legal Administration. Many times the advanced degree in legal studies is put to use in other professions where legal knowledge is routinely required.

An online paralegal degree is perfect for many potential students who do not live close to an established college or university that offers the degree. Online college degrees are also the best choice for those who may not be able to attend traditional college classes due to family or work obligations. Since many online degree programs are taught in what is known as an asynchronous fashion, in that course work, assignments, and testing are somewhat self-paced, a graduate of these programs is generally recognized as self-motivated and organized.

If a career in the legal field appeals to you, consider an Online Paralegal Degree as the perfect way to get started in a satisfying and exciting profession.

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