The 4 Major Misconceptions About Online Nursing Degrees

Nursing degree programs are among the most popular courses offer through online. The flexibility of learning schedules and taking the courses online from any locations are among the key booster that enabled the growth of the demands in nursing degrees. But, there are still some biases against the validity of online nursing degree programs, out of which the 4 major misconceptions regarding the same is discussed in this article.

1. Online Nursing Degrees Are Not Recognized.

The misconception might be caused by fake online nursing degree program that really damage the reputation of this degree. The fact is online nursing degree programs are recognized and is compatible with the traditional class-based nursing degree program as long as the online colleges or online universities that offer online nursing degree programs are properly accredited by any of the six regional accrediting bodies funded by the US Department of Education or any of the 52 recognized national accrediting bodies. Hence, the key factor is “accreditation”. There are no differences at all with other traditional nursing degrees if you get an online nursing degree from a proper “accreditation” online nursing school.

2. Not Lab Work Need To Complete Online Nursing Degree Program.

Most of online nursing degree program required you to complete a certain hours of lab work in order to earn your nursing degree. In order to provide the flexibility to fit the busy working schedule of the online students, many online colleges will arrange their students to practical classes and lab works at their local area. Since practical lab works are very important to ensure the students are applied their knowledge learned from online classes to the actual fields, the lab work does need to be completed and verified by a licensed professional in the related fields.

3. Hospitals or Medical Centers Prefer Traditional Degrees Over Online Degrees

This may be true during the initial phase of online education program but situation is changing very rapidly. The demands of nursing degree programs increased, more and more working nurses or health care personals are looking for knowledge enhancement and qualification upgrades find online nursing degree programs fit their busy schedule.

Hospitals / medical centers find the advantage of online nursing degree programs enabled their stuffs to sharpen their expertise in the related fields without losing their employee headcounts due to the employees quit the job for earning a degree. Many recent surveys have shown that more and more hospitals or medical centers are offering tuition fee reimbursements to their stuffs if they complete their degree through an online nursing degree programs.

4. Hard to Get a Financial Aids If Taking An Online Degree Program

Students enrolled in online nursing degree programs are often eligible for the same types of scholarships and financial aid as students enrolled in traditional nursing degree programs. In fact, many online universities or colleges do offer a certain level of financial aids for their qualified online students. When you search for your online nursing degrees from any of online universities, look for “Financial Aids” button on the school website to find out what are the financial aids provided by the schools. “The American Association of Colleges of Nursing” is another resource for you to look for scholarships or financial aids for your online nursing degree program.


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