Top 5 Most Popular Online College Degree Courses

Earning your college degree online has become the latest trend. There are a variety of online college degree courses you can choose from. You can even earn your Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree online as well as Vocational programs like Child care, Locksmith, Vet Assistant, Medical transcriptionist, even Bridal consultant. In these vocational programs you can earn diplomas or certificates of certification all in the convenience of online. I thought we would look at some of the popular online college degree courses that everyone is flocking to. So here is your list of the top most popular online college degree courses and the schools that offer them.

Top 5 Most Popular Online College Degree Courses

Associate’s Degrees: Including in Business Administration, Business Foundation, Graphic Designs and Accounting.

Bachelor’s Degrees: Including in Criminal Justice, Aviation, RN Nursing, and Business Administration in Legal Studies.

Master’s Degrees: Including in Health Services Administration, Master’s of Business Administration (MBA), RN Nursing, and Master’s of Arts in Managerial Communications Administration, and Master’s of Science in Justice and Security, as well as Master’s Degree of Science and Education in Curriculum Instruction Strategy.

Doctoral Degrees: Including in Business Administration (DBA), Doctor of Health Administration, and PHD in psychology.

Social Science Degrees: Including Criminal Justice, Law, and Paralegal.

Top 5 Schools That Offer College Degree Courses Online

Now that you know the top 5 most popular degree courses there are the top 5 school that offers you these degree courses.

Strayer University – They offer Associate’s Degree in Business Administration as well and Bachelor’s in Business Administration Legal Studies

Westwood College – They offer Associate’s Degree of Applied Science in Graphic Design.

Kaplan University- Offers Bachelor’s in RN Nursing.

Salem University Online – Offers Master’s of Business Administration (MBA)

University of Phoenix – Offers Doctorate of Health Administration as well as Associates of Arts in Business Foundation.

These are just the top 5 and there are many more choices out there where you can earn other types of online degree courses online. For example you can earn your Teaching degree in Early or Special education, how about the Arts like English and Writing, Design, and Communications? You can also get a degree in Computer, Web Designing, or an IT degree. If that is not for you then you can earn your degree in Health fields as a Counselor, Psychologist, Health Administration, and Nursing.


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